Monday, May 6, 2013

Just Arrived From Paradise: Bamboo Coasters

Look what has just landed at Escape to Paradise HQ! 
Designed to protect your furniture and add a tropical touch to your table setting, these environmentally friendly bamboo coasters are the perfect accompaniment to happy hour.  Available in 6 of our most popular fabrics, there is a design to suit all tastes, colour palettes and cocktails!

Bamboo Coasters - Fern Natural Fabric

Bamboo Coasters - Ohana Fabric

Bamboo Coasters - Retro Orchid Fabric

Bamboo Coasters - Palm Trees Fabric

Bamboo Coasters - Palm Trees Aloe Fabric

Bamboo Coasters - Palm Trees Black Fabric

A great idea if your stuck for what to get Mum for Mother's Day
and buy ordering them online now you don't even need to leave your seat!