Saturday, July 28, 2012

JapaMala Resort, Tioman Island, Malaysia

Malaysia’s JapaMala takes the appeal of “getting away from it all” to a new level, one that involves nothing but sun, sand, sea, and pleasure.

Not many resorts can or should make doing nothing look and feel as attractive as JapaMala does. Of course, the stunning natural Malaysian surroundings might have something to do with that. Then there are the rooms ('Sarang' in Malay, 'nest' in English). Wooden houses, hillside sarangs, and beachside villas are ripe for the picking so choose between Treetop Chalets, Seacliff Chalets, Jungle Luxe Sarang, Hillside Sarang, Seaview Sarang, and Penghulu’s House.

Pick accommodations with a private plunge pool if possible, dine on delicious fare at two impressive restaurants, escape to the spa, and explore by kayak. Oh yes, and don’t forget… to do nothing at all at JapaMala.