Monday, July 30, 2012

Entertaining Idea: Banana Leaf Bowls

I love the simple and creative way of serving food to guests in these gorgeous banana leaf bowls. You could even use them to display some shells, jewellery and other precious trinkets!

Before using banana leaves, always scald them in boiling water to remove any bacteria or soil that may be on the leaves. Wipe the leaves dry and air them a little before cutting them to make the bowls.

Start off by cutting a fairly square piece.
You can estimate a square by folding a triangle from the edge.

After getting your squares, fold the corners down.
Be sure to fold towards the natural grains of the leaves, not against.

After folding down the corners, fold in the top and bottom corners.
Then secure the fold with a stapler or toothpick.

And now you have yourself a beautiful little banana leaf bowl that you
can fill with a delicious dessert or some prized tropical treasures!

Source: The Peonies