Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Betsy - South Beach, Miami, Florida

In a sea of South Beach art deco, The Betsy – South Beach stands out as a jewel of colonial hospitality. Reopened in 2009, this stately belle offers the service and gentility of a by-gone era.
Black walnut hardwood floors. Plush four-poster beds. Sunlight streaming through plantation-style shutters. These are the enchanting details you'll find at The Betsy – South Beach.

The Betsy – South Beach experience is exactly what you would hope (but be hard-pressed) to find in a hot spot like Miami Beach.

If you don't want sand in your suit, you can opt for The Deck, a rooftop sun lounge that offers an unobstructed view of the ocean, the sun, and the stars in the evening, and includes a zen garden and spa treatments for those who really want to unwind.
Source: Kiwi Collection